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Kenichi Matsuhashi

Nice to meet you. I'm Matsuhashi ,the owner of KIMIDORI.

Thank you for choosing our website from among a number of beauty salons.
At us KIMIDORI"using as many as organic and natural products as possible,simply for hair care and scalp care.
"Minimize damage to your hair , make a hairstyle easy to manage and style.
I take care of these two points.

please do not hesitate to come.

"A comfortable feeling hair salon."

When you were child , you were relaxing and playing freely at your friend's house.
KIMIDORI hopes to be a place that you can feel free to visit , as if you were visiting a friend's house.
Please do not hesitate to come visit us.

"We want to be on the side of a weak person"

I have weak skin and common shampoos don't match the skin. So I used shampoo and treatments I tried by myself.
I want to be an ally of people with weak skin just like me.

"Cover the shape of the head."

I am good at cutting a beautiful shape so you don't need to worry if the shape of back of the head was not so good.
You can be confident in your appearance and challenge the hairstyle you had given up until now.From now on, it will be fun to think about the hairstyle.

Kumiko Matsuhashi

KIMIDORI cherishes "making a relaxing warm place." that can be achieved because we have a small team of staff.
I hope you enjoy chatting, taking a nap, reading magazines leisurely, and that person would be able to spend the relaxing time as they please. Please come casually.
We look forward to meeting you.

"Easy styling hair"

I can offer "easy styling hair" which can reproduce a salon finish even at home.
We are trying "easy to do" for our customers according to the lifestyle.

"I will find a matching hairstyle"

Find the best balance that suits you.
We carefully cut a fine style with a clean shape.

"Because I am a mama of 2 children, I resolve to the troubles of other mama's hair."

Since I'm also in the middle of child rearing, I'm proposing a natural style that can be managed from position of mama.
Because attendance time is short, please confirm when making a reservation.

Konomi Kitazawa

I am good at relaxing shampoo and head massage.
I am glad to hear that after the customer massaged, "My head has been refreshed" or "I am healed that my eyes were tired."

"Give you refresh time"

I am confident in shampoo and massage.
I will refresh your head with a light massage.

"I like having conversation with people"

I like having conversation with people. But I can not English yet...
I am aiming for existence that you can think that it is fun to talk about.


I like delicious foods and hot topics.
If you have good new information, let's exchange!