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Cutclassic hair cut.Consultation with stylists is included. ¥6,480
Bangs Cut ¥1,080
Student CutIt is a school discount for college students. ¥5,832
Student Cut (junior high school and high school)It is a school discount for junior high school and high school students. ¥5,184
Student Cut (For elementary school)Please come with your parents! A shampoo is available if you are tall enough to sit on the chair. ¥3,780
Kids cutKids cut :under elementary school.Baby & children Sit on parents lap if nesessary. ¥2,700
Eyebrow cutForm a natural eyebrow shape according to your face. ¥1,080


ColorFashion color is a natural and beautiful finish.Gray color also available. ¥7,560~
Organic colorEssensity organic color was used, it is a gentle color to hair and skin. ¥7,560~
Hair manicureRecommended for those with weak skin. Without concern for hair bruise you can dye gray hair. ¥6,480~
Retouch colorDye only the root of the hair with a natural finish. ¥6,480
Low light or highlight Design color that gives a three-dimensional feel to your hair. ¥270~
Half-head colorIt is for short cycle of dyeing gray hair so you can reduce the burden on hair. ¥4,320~


M3 treatmentDeep ocean water and plant minerals are main ingredient treatments. Supplies moisture inside the hair, it moistens and makes the hair very soft finish . ¥3,240~


Scalp cleansingIt is option menu before shampoo. It cleans deeper than usual shampoo. ¥1,080


Shampoo and Blow DryShampoo with organic shampoo and blow dry.Included with all hair cuts. ¥4,320