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Have you ever had Japanese head massage?

Have you ever had head massage in Japan?

If you haven't done so yet,
please try it before you leave Japan.

Maybe you will be asleep in 5 minutes.
Because the head massage is so terribly amazingly good.

You will be very sleepy when you are doing a massage
but your head will be reflesh as you finish.

And you will be a little beautiful.

If you get tired of sightseeing around Ebisu.

How about  a head massage at KIMIDORI?

If you do,
you can take a break and refresh your head and you will be a little beautiful.

WeI'll be waiting .




Shibuya-ku Ebisu 1-1-7 TK Building 1F


Looking for a hair salon in Tokyo with English speaking hair dressers ?

I started studying English this morning.

I forgot to take a picture with my teacher.

Oh shame.

I lived in England for about two years 20 years ago.

But then I haven't spoken English at all.

SO I started studying English again.

This morninng.

My teacher and I talked about how to get foreigners to visit KIMIDORI.

That is a very difficult thing.

First of all I started by writing a blog.

So I will have to continue to learn English in the future.

If you find wrong English in this blog, please let me know.



Shibuya-ku Ebisu 1-1-7 TK Building 1F


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